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When remodeling your home, the bathroom is an area that provides a great return on your investment. For example, modernizing a traditional bathroom can add more value to your home. However, it can also be expensive. Thankfully, you can save money if you plan ahead. Developing a plan can reduce unnecessary costs.

At Inspired Building and Renovation, we pride ourselves on offering quality remodeling services at a reasonable price. We are a full service company. In most cases, bathroom remodeling requires the help of plumbers and electricians. Lucky for us we have in-house technicians that can handle any situation. This will dramatically reduce the cost of your project. We utilize the latest hardware and standards to ensure the best work possible. If you’re looking for bathroom remodeling in the Greater Monterey Bay and Santa Cruz Area, give us a call at 831-750-2754.

Main Factors to Consider When Remodeling Your Bathroom

Remodeling your bathroom takes a lot of careful planning. You can focus on a few specific factors to steer the entire bathroom remodel project in the right direction. Do you worry that you’re not up to the task? Hiring a contractor makes planning your bathroom remodel easier.

The Height of Your Bathroom Countertops

In general, bathroom countertops range from 32 inches to 34 inches high. Deciding the height is important because it plays a role in determining what type of sink that you can use. In most cases, your countertop should be high enough to comfortably wash your hands but low enough to be accessible to everyone regardless of their height.

Your Budget

No matter which room that you plan to remodel, having a budget is important. It helps you determine the size of the remodel and the materials that we can use. As a result, we can develop a realistic remodeling plan.

Size Limitations

Unless you’re expanding the size of your bathroom, there are specific size restrictions that you have to work around. During the planning phase, get the measurements of some of the equipment in your bathroom. The toilet, bathroom sink and bathtub, for instance, will require a certain amount of space. If you replace these items, knowing how much space that you have to work with is critical.

The Lighting

The lighting in your bathroom is essential. In most bathrooms, there’s little natural light. Good lighting provides a brilliant and radiant look to the entire space. Have you considered adding a skylight? As we figure out your remodeling plan and budget, factoring in lighting is important.

Toilet Position

Some people think that their toilets are stationary and can’t be moved. They can, but it takes a lot of planning and forethought. If you plan to move your toilet, think about its position first. The position will determine the rest of the layout for your bathroom.

Simple Bathroom Remodeling Projects

Not all bathroom remodeling projects have to be massive. In fact, you can remodel your bathroom to get the look that you want in two easy ways.

The first is to add tile to your bathroom. Most homeowners are amazed at how much a little tile can change the overall look and feel of a bathroom.

The second is to repaint the walls. Like adding tile to your bathroom, adding a new coat of paint can really change the overall feel of your bathroom.

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