Kitchen Remodeling in the Greater Monterey Bay and Santa Cruz Area

Adding Value to Your Kitchen Through Remodeling

There are plenty of ways to add more value to your home, however, kitchen remodeling offers the biggest return on your investment. For instance, you can transform the look of your kitchen from traditional to modern. Unfortunately, many homeowners write off kitchen remodeling as too elaborate or time-consuming. In reality, you just need the right contractor to bring your dream kitchen to life. We can remodel your kitchen in as little as a few weeks!

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Understanding the Kitchen Remodeling Process

The first step for a kitchen remodel is to remove all of your dishes and cooking utensils and decide where to store them. Since the remodeling process takes your kitchen out of commission for a while, you might choose this time to visit your favorite restaurants or discover some new ones. Just think, date night every nite! You may also want to take this time for that trip you have been planning.

Keeping Your Appliances

If you plan to keep some of your appliances, we will carefully move and store them in your home for the time they will be reinstalled.

Cabinet Types & Styles

What kind of cabinets should you choose? Do you know the difference between real wood and particle board? We can explain the advantages of both these options and help you make an informed decision. If we remove your old cabinets and don’t plan to reuse them, we’ll need to order new ones.

The old cabinets can be donated to habitat for humanity or any charity you chose and will be dropped off by us at no cost. Whether we order pre-built or custom-built cabinets, it will take time for them to arrive, 4 weeks or more depending on the manufacturer. For that reason, we should order your new cabinets as soon as possible to avoid the entire kitchen remodel being delayed.

Plumbers & Electricians

In most cases, kitchen remodeling also requires the help of plumbers and electricians. Lucky for us we have in-house technicians that can handle any situation. We utilize the latest hardware and standards to ensure the best work possible.

Kitchen Lighting

The lighting in your kitchen is essential. Good lighting provides a brilliant and radiant look to the entire space. Have you considered adding a skylight? As we figure out your remodeling plan and budget, factoring in lighting is important.

Prime, Paint & Texture

Only after the plumbing and electrical work is done can we add drywall. Then, we’ll need to prime, paint and textures the kitchen. If your remodel changes the layout of your kitchen, you might need new doors and windows installed. Since you’re remodeling your kitchen, consider upgrading to energy-efficient windows and doors to save on heating and cooling costs.

The Finishing Touches

Your cabinets will be delivered by this point and we can install them next. Traditionally, the wall cabinets are installed before the floor cabinets. After that, we can have your countertops and sink installed. The countertops that work best for your kitchen will depend heavily on your budget. If you’re aiming for a modern appearance, consider installing a stainless steel sink.

Now, it’s time to put in your new kitchen flooring. We’ll need to do this before you install appliances. We consider the size and shape of your appliances during the installation in order to better manage your space. This will make installing larger appliances easier. We are here to make your dream a reality.

Kitchen Remodeling Projects

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